December 5 & 6

December 5:
- Stella is bleeding from a lump on her belly. Rush her to Angell that night.
- On the way home from Angell, got in a car accident that totaled my car. Roomie and I walked away bruised and cut.

December 6:
- Accept a job offer!!! Start date is December 17. HR person told me that the consensus after my interviews was that I was the only one they wanted


I started taking ACE inhibitors along with diuretics for my blood pressure Nov. 8.  On Nov. 23 I had to go to the E.R. I had really bad heart racing/palpitations and dizziness. They only happened once or twice a day in the week preceding but on the 23rd, I had a dozen in a row just sitting down quietly in the living room. My roommate was away visiting her family so since I was alone, I texted my brother who took me to the E.R. I get really upset every time I need to go to the hospital because it's scary and I have bad memories from my stroke.  I was hooked up to an EKG, gave blood, and urine. After about 3 hours, my heart wasn't acting weird and everything looked fine so I was sent home with instructions to get an appointment with my doctor and stop drinking coffee. My theory is that I had a bad reaction to ACE inhibitors. My father is allergic to them and vasodilators can cause palpitations. Giving up coffee has been so painful. I usually have 1 to 2 cups a day but that kept …

Fourteen Year Old Cat

A couple weeks ago, my roommate found bloodstains on the pillow Stella uses as a bed. I was a complete wreck inside. Outside, I was terse and cold; checking all the other places Stella sleeps. There weren't stains any other place. I pressed a paper towel on Stella's belly to see if anything was actively bleeding. No active bleeding. Then I googled and filled out a quality of life calculator. Cried and talked through options with my roomie. 
Back in 2013 Stella had breast cancer and a partial mastectomy. Now, she has three large bumps on her underside. She eats, drinks, and sleeps like normal. No odd behavior or anything. So, I have decided that I will only take her to the vet when her quality of life is obviously deteriorating. I won't put her through what I put Rasputin through. 
This possible catastrophe sent me to a sad dark place. I had trouble sleeping, I hovered over Stella diagnosing any tail twitch or extra second of dozing. I reached out in the middle of the nigh…

Being a Jew By Choice

Growing up, since my father survived WWII in Europe, I heard stories about Nazis, bombings, starvation, and the black market. My father's family is Christian but had many Jewish friends in Budapest. They hid whoever they could and forged papers for others to get out of Hungary. None of these family friends survived the war.

I read The Diary of Anne Frank in third grade. I felt like I had found a kindred spirit in Anne. My heart broke when hers broke and I celebrated the small happiness she was able to find. Halfway through the book, I mentioned to my mother that I would love to meet Anne Frank in person. She told me Anne died in a concentration camp. I felt like I had lost a sister.
I grew up in a well heeled suburb of Boston with a mix of Jewish and Christian families. The churches outnumbered the synagogues but there were two synagogues at least. We had school holidays on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  My family was not religious so I did not see any difference between my frien…

Entertainment Report Card

I have a lot of opportunity to see new movies and check out television series this fall. 
A Star is Born - is really good. I used to love VH-1's "Behind the Music" so a lot of story beats in this movie come from the typical rock star origin story. The music is really catchy and it is shot in a style where you feel like you are sitting in the room with these characters. I can't believe this was directed and co-written by the same guy who was Sydney Bristow's sidekick! It's worth full ticket price.

Happy Together - I adore Damon Wayans Jr ever since "Happy Endings" so I might be biased. He is great in this.  He has chemistry with everyone and I laugh myself silly.
Manifest - this has a good underlying mystery but I"m worried the writers have no plan and will pull a "Lost" on the viewers. The characters are pretty bland so far so I call the main siblings Charming and Eyebrows. Actually Eyebrows has become a bit stupid annoying lately so I …

Chokmah Will Rock

Since my former employer (FE from now on) has a collection of incompetents who masquerade as workers, I haven't received any money for four weeks. No severance - even though I signed the paperwork last month. No unemployment benefits. I thought a two to three week wait would make sense so I was patient. I checked my bank account every day. No uptick on my balance. I kept getting these odd small checks for $25 or $39. Apparently, my vacation payout check was miscalculated so these checks were trying to true up what was owed to me. Of course every time I saw them in the mail, I thought they were my severance. That played with my emotions and blood pressure.

Funds were getting low as I entered week four of unemployment so I contacted the Department of Unemployment Assistance. Massachusetts' unemployment rate is 3.5% so I knew they weren't really inundated like back in 2008/2009. The DUA rep told me that my claim was held up because FE had not submitted the requested documenta…

28 Days Later

28 days of unemployment is a little bit of picture 1 and picture 2.  So what have I been doing this past month other than applying to jobs?

Mending fences, reaching out, and connecting - my dad and I have been spending time together. I can help him since he has given up his driving license which helps me be productive and feel needed. I know he's the same person with the same limitations but it works for now. I'm back in touch with friends who I haven't seen for over a decade due to rifts/life changes. I don't have energy anymore to hold a grudge and if I sunk a lot of time and memorable experiences into a person, they are going to be my friend no matter what. I have organized a Jamaica Plain job seekers group. We had our first meeting last week and it was great! I got a lot of tips, laughs, and leads.Catching up on TV - Grey's Anatomy and Downton Abbey fell off my must watch list for a couple years. Now that Grey's is in syndication, I can catch up while I per…