Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Best Weekend Ever

So, not only did I have my 3rd car accident this year and get to see my kitty, my brother broke up with his girlfriend. That makes it my best weekend ever, not his.

This latest girlfriend was an all-time low for my brother. She was rude, very immature, ignorant, and boring. A prime example of her rudeness was when she stayed at my parent's place for a couple weeks helping my brother on house painting. She never said hello to me when I visited and didn't say goodnight to my father. All we got was her turdy silence. The immaturity seeped through every interaction she had. She's 21 years old, never has eaten feta cheese and cannot read highway signage. That was a fun trip when all of a sudden she took an exit leaving me demanding, "What are you doing?" For her if the first two letters match a town's name, that's good enough. Ignorant is that she doesn't read and has no vocabulary. I cannot count the times I had to explain meanings of words to her. Plus, I got to listen to her rant about how "Brokeback Mountain" was disgusting. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that she's uber-religious. Roll all of this up and you have a girl who has no personality and cannot carry a conversation. The only thing that made her tolerable was the fact that she obviously cared about my brother.

Hopefully, once he has recovered, my brother can move onto greener pastures and can look back with, "What the hell was I thinking?" hindsight. I will totally turn her name into an adjective/verb. When he gets to the angry stage, I will be the BEST support system (see above).

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Sarah said...

ahahaha i love that her never having tried Feta is on that list. cheese snob! ( i am, too!)