Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th, ANOTHER Car Accident

I got out of work early and was driving home singing along to "Teach Your Children Well" when I got to an intersection which had two lanes to go right. I was in the right-most lane and we had a green light. I was driving through the intersection when a silver car on my left decided to switch lanes into my car. I kept going forward but now I was pinned against the curb.

We exchanged info with her asking me why I was being so snippy with her. The police came and filed a report and she got a citation. THAT'S why I was snippy bitch! She was so ridiculous. Talking about how she's famous and can be googled. Plus, she knows tons of Waltham police officers. The dropped names had no effect on the awesome police officer who wrote up the report.

The damage is basically paint streaked on the drivers side and some body damage on the door. She was so desperate not to go through insurance but I've already filed my claim.


Sarah said...

OMG i am so glad you are okay! who is this bitch?

AnnaB said...

She's famous and can be googled. Plus, she's so famous, she doesn't even OWN her car.