Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bizarre Dreams

Last night my dreams were so weird, I didn't forget them.

Part I
Somehow I opened a boarding school for kids. The mission is to take the kids from mothers who wanted to abort (WTF I'm pro-choice). It was very Jo Baer and Little Men for the most part but there were some bad guys who ripped apart the school looking for something.

Part II
I was warming up at my Tae Kwon Do school when afterwards Kick Ass teacher asked me to find some kind of lucky charm/angel figurine in a collection. I looked through a bunch but I was able to weed several out since their names were written in Hebrew. Finally, I found a nesting doll and that was what I was supposed to find. Inside there was this thin comb/q-tip. Then a bunch of kids were testing for their belts and the room was full of parents. I was laying on my stomach watching the test. Kick Ass teacher started tickling my feet with the comb/q-tip.

Very weird night.

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