Friday, August 10, 2007

The Daily Plate Rocks My World

I'd like to rave about why this online tool is amazing. I started using the Daily Plate in mid-July after I quit Weight Watchers. I knew I would be one of those 400lb immobile people if I didn't keep track of what I eat. Hell, I've been tracking my food intake daily for 6 years! This is much cooler than tattered steno pads or weight watchers BS eTools. The Daily Plate has a HUGE database of foods so you don't have to guess and fudge (like WW). Also, it is FREE!

I lost 5lbs my first week and I bumped up a bit and have basically plateaued. So, I decided to use the Daily Plate's tool for charting daily intake against recommended intake. This is what I got:

High fat = I'm regularly above the recommended intake and my worst day I was 60grams over!
Low cholesterol = I'm proud of this. At my lowest day, I was 100 grams under.
Average sodium = My intake hovers around the recommended sometimes below 600, sometimes above 491
Average carbs = hovering again. The range is -140 to +106
High Sugar = this chart confused me because there's no recommended intake. Get it? We're not supposed to eat sugar. I'm completely fucked on this. One day I had 186 grams of sugar!
Low fiber = My lowest day was 20 grams under. This is no surprise to me because I'm really bad about fruits and veggies.
Perfect protein = This completely confused me because I haven't been eating enough protein but I have been averaging the recommended 50g/day.

So, my path forward is pretty clear. I'm doing a good job on 4/7 but my goal should be 7/7! Cutting sugar and fat is clearly needed. Plus, boosting my fiber intake. The thing I'm worried about is that I feel like I lucked out of getting 4/7 at good levels. Now that I'm aware, I might screw up protein or cholesterol. Seriously, how did I get high fat and sugar WITHOUT high cholesterol? I thought those all went hand in hand.

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