Thursday, August 23, 2007

Getting My (Feminist) Rant On

While reading Violent Acres, today I had remembered a phenomena that bugs the shit out of me. When an otherwise intelligent woman puts on the "I'm just a dumb girl" act. I've seen this demonstrated at work and during dating.

I can at least rationalize acting dumb on a date. If it's early during dating, you don't know if the guy likes smart women, so to play it safe, you dumb yourself down. But let's face it gals, if you're with a guy who doesn't like smart women, he's a DOUCHEBAG. Case closed.

At work, it makes no sense. Playing dumb helps get other people do work for you but sacrifices your professional credibility. By making the men around you feel less threatened, you'll be passed over for promotions.

Let me end by saying that being a smart woman is something that you should be proud of. You should be extra proud if you have overcome idiot genes. Hiding your intelligence does other women a disservice.

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