Monday, August 27, 2007

What Not to Wear

Thanks to a marathon of this show last week on TLC, I have purged my wardrobe of unflattering clothes. Since I had gaping holes in my wardrobe, I went clothes shopping this weekend. Here are a couple things I learned/picked up:

- Jackets make me look bigger than I am, especially buttoned. I have no idea why Stacy and Clinton are convinced that they are slimming. If you have boobs and hips, that's what the jacket fits so bye bye waist.

- Lane Bryant's new real fit jeans are amazing. I am a yellow body type and the sales rep fitted me so I got the best fitting jeans ever.

- Keep an eye on sales reps. If they set aside a pile for you as you shop, only they can add to the pile. If you add to the pile, they will take away all the clothes. I just realized this last night. The two pairs of pants that I tried on and that looked so awesome were taken off the pile of my clothes. CRAP!

- Get a bigger bang for your buck. Buy clothing that can have multiple functions.

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