Monday, January 07, 2008

Movie Weekend

This weekend I tried out my new Verizon tv system* by enjoying the offerings from On Demand. I checked out three movies, 2 pay and 1 free

Eragon - thank goodness this was free because it absolutely sucked. It's like someone vomited Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings onto the movie screen. I did like the dragons and the technicalities surrounding them. Piss poor acting at every turn (except for Jeremy Irons).

Rescue Dawn
- I don't understand Christian Bale's obsession for roles where he has to tranform his body. I swear the amount of strain he has put on his heart isn't healthy! The movie is pretty good and tense. I wasn't a fan of Jeremy Davies performance. It seems like he was just channeling his Charles Manson character. I was pretty impressed with Steve Zahn. I've loved him since Happy, Texas.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - the first hour is pretty fun but then the movie JUST DOES NOT END. I have always been pretty uninspired by the love story but Jack's antics kept me pretty entertained. I couldn't understand half the things Calypso said due to the actress' atrocious accent.

* By the way, that free TV you can get from Verizon for getting their tv service takes 3 - 4 weeks to be shipped to you. Something they neglected to mention when I ordered my service.

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