Monday, June 16, 2008

Just Call Me Leeky

Inspired by "French Women Don't Get Fat", I am on day 2 of the leek broth cleansing phase. Luckily, it's only a two day phase so tonight I can have a nice healthy dinner. What you do is boil 2 lbs of leaks and for two days live off the broth and/or stewed leeks. The theory behind it is that leeks are diuretics so basically you get rid of all the crap you have put into your body so you can start fresh on a new eating regimen. You should do this over a weekend since lack of food might make you worthless at work. I went to a party Saturday so that's why I bumped up my weekend. My last hurrah.

Yesterday was pretty tough with the hunger pangs but I had two coping techniques: water and sugar-free gum. Today, I am just a space case with a headache. The broth itself isn't too bad - it just tastes like very weak soup broth. The stewed leeks are disgusting. Tonight, I'm having griled salmon fillet and steamed veggies. Mmmm... Oh yeah, reading recipes while you're hungry, is horrible.

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