Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Berkshire Picnic

This past Saturday was Tanglewood's movie night concert. It has been my traditional Tanglewood concert for years. This year, we had a plan. I had been tracking weather reports and it looked like the weather would be perfect that evening. I had a bunch of supplies leftover from my recent camping trip so we left early and hung out under some trees in the parking area. The drive out to Lenox isn't too bad - only 2.5 hours. If there is any traffic, it is usually around the route 84 exit. When I'm driving to Western MA on the Pike, I split the ride up into legs in my head. Leg 1 128 to the 84 exit, leg 2 84 to 91, and leg 3 91 to our exit.

The grounds opened up at 5:30 and we got an excellent spot staked out quickly. It was fun sitting on lawn chairs while humorless nags dragged their companions/groups across the lawn sucking all the fun out of the air with their barked orders and bitching. This year we decided to spring for the Tanglewood picnic tote and it was very yummy. I approved of the wine: Salmon Creek 2006 Chardonnay.

Then, the sky started to ominously darken. We had already agreed that rain is fine if there wasn't any lightning or thunder. We'd hunker under the tarp if it was a quick light rain, if it was worse we'd sit in our car with the windows down. Within thirty minutes thunder rolled in, then torrential rain, and finally lightning. So we hightailed it out of there. The rain got heavier and heavier as we got closer to the car. Soaked, unable to open the windows, we decided to drive home. So, thank you Tanglewood for the excellent picnic!

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