Sunday, August 10, 2008

Food or Heat

My apartment has oil heating that's not included in my rent. The first couple of years living here 2002 - 2006, it wasn't too bad. Only about $75 per month. That price doubled this past year and I just got my new budget statement for the 08-09 heating year: $235 per month which equals to about $3100/yr. Obviously, I can't afford this heating bill on unemployment. Even if I do get a fabulous new well-paying job, I can afford the bill but will hate paying for oil heat (for environmental and ethical reasons).

Luckily, my situation is pretty common. Reporters and politicians are already aware of the impending crisis. Thank goodness for Joe Kennedy's program . The ridiculous part is that I don't use that much heating oil but oil companies don't charge you for usage, they charge you based upon projections. Anyways peeps, I am going to move outta here before first frost!

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