Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The New Job

I started my new job last Friday and it was one of those dive right in, sink or swim days. Luckily, I can easily swim through mounds of data. I didn't meet too many co-workers but I found out a couple essential facts: the office building has a cafeteria across from an ATM that doesn't charge me a fee, and there's a gym in the building. I also discovered that the guy who had this position before me was skilled way beyond what the job requires (since he has so many fun programs downloaded).

My commute is pretty decent lots of rolling country and a couple Dunkin Donuts along the way. Usually, it takes me 25 minutes but it all depends if I'm stuck behind a lost/elderly/cell phone gabbing local who is creeping along at 20 mph. Unfortunately, my route home does tend to get flooded when there's torrential rain (ie. last Friday and every evening this past month).

I'm having fun, enjoying the work, and learning something every day.

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