Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Prithee if Thine Abode is in a Trailer and Thou Shop at Amazon

Back in mid-summer, when I was unemployed and strapped for cash, I decided to sell off a bunch of my DVDs on Amazon's marketplace. It went very well. I sold almost every set I advertised and shipping via media mail went fine. I did have one complaint from a customer about a scratched DVD so I issued a refund and got the DVDs back. In total, I basically made $200.

Currently, I am dealing with a looney tunes customer who contacted me a week after ordering about not receiving a shipment from me. I told her that I used media mail so it won't just take 5 business days. Her reponse was in bizarro King's English with prithees and thous. I didn't hear from her for weeks so I assumed the package reached the destination. Lo and behold, I noticed that I got a really crappy rating from a customer with an unfamiliar name. Apparently this looney tunes doesn't own a computer or have her own email address so she logs in as a friend. So, besides asking for a refund for a non-delivered package, she decided to wreck my seller rating. I am really glad she lives in a trailer park thousands of miles away.

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