Thursday, October 09, 2008

The 'hood

In general, I live in a good neighborhood but it's individual jackasses who bring it down a notch.

I live in a 4 apartment duplex. The apartment below me has had 4 tenants in the 6 years I've lived here: awesome friendly couple, good orgasm giver guy, hippy loud movie guy, and now loud aloof couple. I've lost count of the tenants right next to me. I'm a lifer in this little building. The other tenant downstairs next door is a jackass. Plus I don't think he has a job. He runs his air conditioning 24/7 and I've lost count how many times our building has lost power thanks to him.

I have other jack ass neighbors - the people who live behind my building whose yard borders our yard. They are the same neighbors who had a rotting oak crash through our apartment roof three years ago. They have a couple kids who seem decent enough. The parents are the worst neighbors ever. They throw raging parties until the morning hours. I have a theory that they drug their kids to get them to sleep through the night. Sure enough, at 1AM this morning I was woken up by the neighbors loudly and drunkenly discussing work over a campfire in their backyard. 1 AM people. Thanks to a sinus infection, I need all the sleep I can get so my patience was thin. So, I wound up yelling out the window, "It's 1 AM can you take it inside." And they did. Man, why did I suffer in silence for YEARS?

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