Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Television Report Card: Fall 2008

Mad Men - continues to kick ass. Betty's story lines tend to bore me and I'm aching for Peggy's pregnancy to come out.
Dexter - has become pretty meh with Rita's pregnancy and the convoluted storyline with Jimmy Smits. No season pass just leisurely catch up with OnDemand
Californication - is even better this season! It is so cool seeing Leoben (BSG) as a music producer druggie has-been. Introducing coke into Charlie and Marcy's marriage has been brilliant. So sweaty, scattered, and yelly...

Heroes - lost me this season. I deleted my season pass. I think my main problem with the show is that character motivations are so illogical and obviously motivated by the need for drama in the show (i.e. the whole Future Peter BS).
Chuck - not watching anymore. The show is really repetitive but I do still love Adam Baldwin.
How I Met Your Mother - a new favorite of mine. It's kinda funny that the main character, Ted, is my least favorite character. We all need our own personal Barneys.

House - I got back into this show when they killed Amber last season.
Fringe - surprisingly good show! I might enjoy it a smidge more because it's based in Boston. The lead chick, the Cate Blanchett lookalike, is so blah we basically don't need her. Just give me a Peter and Walter show!

Bones - I almost stopped watching this show due to the awful season premiere (gee let's trot out every Ugly American stereotype). But it has gotten better over the weeks. Sweets has gotten less amusing though. I'm glad we got to see Zack once!
Private Practice - SUCKS! I ditched it after one episode. I tried watching it but kept thinking, "Why am I watching a show where all the adults act like teenagers?" Buh-bye.

The Office - makes me happy. Jim and Pam are getting married!
Supernatural - has started out the season very strongly. Plus, I love anything that deals with angel mythology.
Life on Mars - I caught a couple episodes from the British original and liked it so I thought the American remake could be decent. People, the MUSIC! I think I could just ignore all the plot lines and just listen to the soundtrack.

The Ex List - is very bad. I thought the clunkiness was just due to the pilot. Nope!
Numb3rs - is pretty uneven so far. They definitely need to get Charlie back in the FBI ASAP. The new girl is pretty okay. Anyone want to bet when Don winds up sleeping with her?

So, in summary I kicked to the curb Dexter, Heroes, Chuck, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, and the Ex List.

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