Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finding the Holiday Spirit

So, my earlier Grinchiness could be chalked up to hormones and a lot of sugary snacks. This weekend I went to a Nutcracker performance which was performed by my cousin's dance school. She's 10 and a cutie pie. I didn't go in with high expectations but I wanted to support my cousin. It's pretty nice to have a whole new generation of artsiness in the family. Heck, I had/have my share of concerts and my family supports me (from age 5 to 32)!

The performance was really good! I was incredibly impressed. Most of the girls in the show are already on pointe. The costumes were very elaborate and I coveted a bunch of the dresses. Plus, you knew it was a good show because all the little kids in the audience were silent and enraptured. It was so cute, during intermission, the little ones were trying out dance moves in the aisles. I started mentally mapping my cousins progression of roles in future years. Clara seems like the lead role but after the first couple of scenes, she doesn't do much. So, knowing my cousin started out as a baby mouse, I could imagine her being one of the lead candies in a couple year or the sugar plum fairy. Oh yeah, I am so going to be one of those moms when I have kids. With my community theater background, I appreciated the little things like the staging and backdrops. Also since the performance was given by a school, I started thinking through their funding. It's a lot more stable than community theaters. Hopefully, this will be an annual show for me!

And of course Act II is all about yummy treats and after the show, I had my fill of cookies. Inspired, I have decided to make this weekend all about baking cookies. Cooking Light has a bunch of good recipes that I will be trying out. Hopefully, my oven will cooperate. It tends to run hot so it's tough to get the temp and timing absolutely correct the first try. Even burnt cookies won't dampen my holiday spirit!

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