Thursday, December 18, 2008

Remember, Remember the 13th of December

I can usually keep my anxiety and worry over storms at bay but the news coverage for tomorrow's storm has broken me. I'm not going into work tomorrow and will find nice municipal parking in Waltham before the snow starts. This winter, I will not be towed or be stuck in 8 hour traffic!

I wanted to try to work from home but since I'm a contractor, I'm not given remote access to email. I think that's a weird policy since at my other contract jobs, I was allowed access. But this is the same company that at first refused me access to the on-site gym due to liability concerns. I found a work around for that.

So all you working folk remember the lessons we learned last year:

1) Everyone leaving work at the same time en masse in the middle of a storm creates chaos.

2) A lot of companies offer options to work from home, take advantage of it. Heck, most of your kids are having half days anyways!

3) Gas up your car, have a good scraper handy, and possibly a nice weight in your trunk (sand, bricks or a dead body would work).

4) Now is not the time to be an asshole driver. Turn on your lights, use your signals,and stick to the rules of the road.

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