Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Snowy Weekend

I had to relocate my car Sunday 8AM due to the snow emergency in Waltham. We had already gotten a good 6 inches of snow by then. The local pd also ticketed my car for overnight parking. Every year, the police department targets us poor schmucks who only have on-street parking for tickets. Some people get all up in arms and refuse to pay. That was me 6 years ago. Now, I just shrug and pay the $15. $15 once a year isn't too bad.

This morning I had my preconceptions of a neighbor completely up-ended. He had been the independently wealthy rage-aholic in my mind due to a couple observations over the years. Now, I know I was totally wrong. He saw me carefully walking to my car (parked blocks away) and he offered me a ride! How cool is that? I found out what his job is and we had a nice chat. I got into work early thanks to him. I think the next time I go on a baking spree, I will make a batch for him. This is the same neighbor who clued me into a better parking lot for snow emergencies. I love nice people! Now, I know he isn't independently wealthy and doesn't have anger issues. Life is good peeps.

It looks like Waltham got at least 12 inches from this recent storm.

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