Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Day Work Week

Apparently it is a tough job market out there even for contract workers. My last day at my recent assignment was Feb. 13 and in the week between, I was "on the bench" or using "bench-time". I took online courses through my agency's website and I came into the office a bunch of times for customer visits and general face time. I still get paid for my weeks on the bench but my weekly rate is 37.5 hours. Since I am relatively new at this, I don't know how long my company will employ me on the bench. I knew one guy who was benched for 8 weeks. So, this isn't la la la happy vacation time, necessarily. There is some anxiety.

This week I was offered a special project assignment at my old company but not under my asshole abusive boss, just under my nice supportive boss. That worked for me and the possibility that it could be spun into a longer assignment was there. It was nice starting a new assignment at a familiar place. But the special project I was supposed to work on was training my replacements. Yup, you heard me. I had been doing the work of two men thank you very much! The training went well and I was in my favorite position ever - the all-knowing guru (I'm an oldest everything, it's my calling). Sadly, today I found out that this assignment wasn't going to be spun into anything longer. So, I just worked Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow, I am meeting with my agency to plan a strategy (and hopefully not be laid off). If your company or a company you know of, might need a contract financial analyst, drop me a line!

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