Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moved In

Well, I'm moved into my parent's house. In fact, it went very well! Yesterday between 9AM and 1PM I was loaded up, shipped, unloaded, and settled. Intelligent Labor & Moving were fabulous. Great rates, very efficient, and helpful.

Plus, on the awesome side, my landlord was really impressed with the cleaning job I did on my apartment. I really have to give my mom her due. She was a total dynamo in the cleaning zone, on her hands and knees scrubbing earlier this week. I learned a lot from her like how Spic and Span is the ultimate bathroom cleanser. How do de-cat hair my sofas. And the joyous smell of a Murphy's Oil clean room.

Speaking of cat, Rasputin has been adjusting to the move gradually. He hid in the basement for two days behind an old dusty oil tank. Ironically, that is exactly where our departed family cat, Max, used to hide. Maybe there's still cat smell back there? To my everlasting joy, he wound up venturing upstairs this morning. My mom found him in a corner behind an end table. He did a little inspection. I got to pet him and relax a little. His heart isn't pounding, he's just really rigid and hyper-aware. So, I'm hoping that by Monday he'll be a bit more relaxed. At least he emerged! He still hasn't eaten or used his litter box yet...

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