Friday, May 22, 2009

A Better Week

Even though I had to go 3 nights with no sleep, I got to see my doctor and all the medications are working their magic. I have a combo sinus infection and bronchitis. I lost my voice for a couple days too. So, I'm on Zpack plus Mucinex and taking Robitussin with codeine at night. The hot weather is helping a lot by drying out my lungs and sinuses.

Better news on the job front this week as well! I heard from interview #3 company letting me know that the hiring managers haven't made a decision and checking to see if I'm still available. Also a recruiter contacted me about my resume and is actively trying to place me in a new analyst role at his new company.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and today is Rasputin's. I got a variety of seafood wet food for him this week as a present.

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