Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lots Better

Okay, I know I have been sporadic and a big downer lately so I'm trying to focus on a lot of positives now. For example, my car brakes are finally functioning like normal. Granted it took replacing all of them and $500... But I am happy I found a mechanic who didn't feed me the line that "Oh Ford Focus brakes are always like that." Seriously, my car has needed a brake job for YEARS! Now, it's all good thanks to the money I'm saving living with my parents and the time I have available by being unemployed.

Speaking of, this is the week I should be hearing about that job that has had me interview 4 times over 4 months. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but not pinning all my hopes on this job. It is my dream job but if I don't get it, it wasn't meant to be. Right now, I am toying with the idea of moving back to the Pioneer Valley. It's a different vibe out there and I have happy and relaxing memories of the area. Plus, my brother lives in Holyoke so I wouldn't be completely cut off.

My brother has been living with us for the past month working on repainting the house when it isn't raining. Since it has rained A LOT, he has gotten me almost caught up on Lost. I liked the show a lot in season 1 but started getting frustrated with season 2 and by season 3, I completely dropped it. The good part of Lostathons is that all my complaints about the show when it aired are gone. Watching live, I thought there was no overarching plan, Jack was insufferable and ditto for Kate. A big mystery is hinted at in the first couple episodes and only is answered in the finale over 6 months later so you forget a lot of details and interest has waned (of course ABC's scheduling sucked too). But watching an entire season over a couple of days, you can see the overarching storyline and the mystery is way huger and interesting. Plus, Jack and Kate are mere blips in the big picture. I am up to the season 4 three part finale. I love Desmond and Dan Faraday. Plus, time travel could be very cool! Ben is one of the best villains on TV.

Oh yeah, that fight with my mother has resulted in better communication between us. I just wish I knew a better argument method than emotionally vomit and napalm my day. I do argue better with non-family members but having all 4 of us under the same roof in the same house kinda regresses me. It is sometimes tough to remember that I'm 32.

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