Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Surprise Pregnancies

It has come up that a cousin, who has been conspicuously missing from family holiday gatherings, is pregnant. The only way I found out was through Facebook. The whole situation is so bizarre. I have no idea who the father is and the big secret would be spilled at her brother's wedding this summer so what the hell?

It's not like she's the first unwed mother in the family. She isn't even the first cousin to have a baby. I just want an opportunity to ooh and ahh at a shower and give her presents. Is that too much to ask?

Plus, it is really odd to use Facebook as a way to let the family know about a pregnancy... What does Miss Manners have to say about this? Ah ha! So Miss Manners thinks I should back the eff off and be less judgey. Okey doke! It is still weird in my book...

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