Monday, October 26, 2009

Jesus Woke Me Up This Morning

... and that is why I'm Jewish! Thank you, thank you I'll be here all week. Enjoy the steak.

The guy with the guitar on the Orange Line sang the Jesus song this morning. What an insane weekend, huh? I actually turned on the heat in my apartment Saturday morning then I stepped outside into the jungle sauna. Every store I went to had completely fogged up windows. And that wasn't due to sprawling sex orgies city-wide. Also, I found out customers who cut you off in a parking lot, can and will do the same in the store. When I got cut off turning into an aisle, I said out loud to the woman, "This is a theme for you today, huh?" She chuckled and went on her way. Moron!

Saturday night while a monsoon blew in, my brother arrived for his visit from western MA. Rasputin hid at first and when he crept out,he seemed to remember my brother from this summer! I had fun showing him around my new place, we hung out and talked. Sunday morning, we grabbed breakfast at IHOP and drove all around Quincy. Nut island, then trying to get to Moon island we saw a poorly installed solar panel system that got my brother really annoyed, once we got to the gate to Moon island and saw that we couldn't drive any further, I told my brother that we'll go back to that solar panel house so he could figure out what the hell the installation people were thinking, after we accomplished that we tried to find our old grandparents house which was a lot harder than I had thought. Sunday evening, we saw the absolute worst movie ever. It looked funny and quirky in the commercials but IT ISN'T!! I tried to like it but by the last half hour I was crying laughing at how bad the movie is. Then we went home and watched Twilight, which looked like Shakespeare compared to what we had just seen. Good times!

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