Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Almost Stealing A Car

Last week, during one rainy evening, I went to the supermarket to pick up a quick dinner. I just ran into the store without my umbrella and when I came out, the rain was blowing sideways. I started jogging in the direction of my car while I was hitting the keyless entry button constantly. Finally, I got to my car and opened the door to find:

- a different kind of floor mat in my car
- a diaper bag in the passenger seat
- a bottle of Coke in the cupholder

Very confused, I paused and took a step back. Okay, it's a blue Ford Focus. It's in the right row of cars. But what's inside isn't mine and there aren't any bumper stickers. Then, that's when I saw my real, actual car 2 cars over. So, either my keyless entry doohickey can open every model of that Ford Focus or the owners never locked their car doors. I'm hoping for #2!

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