Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!

I'm all done with my Xmas shopping. How about you? I also picked up menorah candles at CVS that were a complete gyp. They last an hour until melting down to the nub which is kinda the exact opposite of why Hanukkah is celebrated. It's the $5.99 box of blue and white candles at CVS on their token Jew end-cap. Don't buy them!

Work has been going really well. We have a new hire who started last month so I'm not the new kid of the block anymore. Plus, since we have a newbie, I'm being assigned new projects/jobs! In general, I really like the people I work with. The only two speed bumps are my boss and one co-worker. This past week, I had an awesome realization - that if I don't get defensive and/or take my ego out of the situation, dealing with my boss is so much easier. Most of the time when I instinctively feel like she's talking down to me, she's just reasoning things out aloud for herself. And she messes up like normal humans too! Granted I felt like I had taken a crazy pill before I realized, "Wow, boss lady is SO WRONG!" The other co-worker is just a hurdle work-ethic wise. He's incredibly lazy, a slow learner, and is a bit clueless about office politics. One morning I was trying to update a database that someone had left open on their computer while they went to a meeting. Sir Clueless suggested that I just over to this other workers cubicle and pull the power cord on his computer. Scary, no?

Health-wise, I've lost over 5lbs since Thanksgiving just through watching what I eat and cutting out the crap. I also think the prenatal vitamins are finally having an effect on my hair. Woohoo! Additionally, I discovered spray nasal decongestant and it is phenomnenal.

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