Monday, March 01, 2010

King of the Douches

Senator Jim Bunning because he voted against extending unemployment benefits. Guess whose benefits ran out Feb. 28? Here is my letter to his office (it's dramatic for effect):

Mr. Bunning,

I have been working ever since I was fourteen years old paying into a system that I knew that would never pay me a dime. I am responsible with my money, pay my bills on time, and have been able to survive a massive stroke so that I can live like a normal person.

Living like a normal person became a pipe dream three years ago when the first of three lay-offs happened to me. There hasn't been a year that I have not been unemployed since 2007. I have worked really hard to survive. I have lucked out with occasional contract work here and there.

Sadly, all my hard work and struggles have been ignored by you. My unemployment benefits have run out. I'm in danger of being evicted. I cannot live the healthy independent lifestyle that I aspired to once I was released from the hospital thanks to you.

Please open your eyes to the suffering that your political stance has caused millions.

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