Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unrequited Love

Is it possible to love a job so much that it can magically transform from temp to perm? Yup, I am in heaven right now. I love my commute, my manager, and co-workers. I look forward going to work every morning. I even like that work blocks a lot of websites like blogger and facebook! It's less distracting. Happily, my assignment has been extended a week into May. I understand the work I'm doing and how it impacts the big picture so even the most mundane monotonous cutting and pasting doesn't irk me. I am not perfect at work even though I like my duties. However, my manager is very clear and understanding about the work. He understands that we are going blind from processing so much data so our attention to detail isn't tip top.

The longer I work here, the more I realize that my old job was a horrible fit for me. I feel more confident and at home at this current job after 3 weeks than my old job after 6 months. So, getting fired was the best outcome (even though I think the whole reasoning and process was absolute BS). A job that is a good fit isn't something you dread going to. A good job doesn't make you so anxious about making mistakes and getting confused that you need crying breaks in the bathroom. A good job does not have managers declaring certain work is below them because of their pay grade (that is almost an exact quote from a meeting I attended). So, now I am going to enjoy this job, keep learning, and cling onto this happiness because after May 7, I am back looking for a job.

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