Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google Maps Has Gone Insane

Remember way back when Mapquest used to be the go-to directions site? That is until it started sending drivers in circles and down dead ends... Thank goodness there was google maps. Now, unfortunately it seems like google maps is breaking down. I give you the example above where google maps seemed to think a spiral is a better way to get to point B rather than a straight line.

I can't count the numbers of times that google maps sent me driving aimlessly in the wrong direction. Luckily, it happened enough to realize the problem isn't me, it's google maps. Now I rely on my road maps in my car and use google maps just to get a drive time estimate. Is there another site out there that works for directions or should I just break down and get a gps gizmo?


MichaelJ said...

I tried but could not reproduce this. Is it possible you have "Avoid Highways" set in your routing options?

That said, Google Maps does have its foibles. Until I reported it and got it fixed, there was a spot on Rte 2 outside 495 that it would avoid, always taking one off the highway and around before getting back on.

AnnaB said...

Heh, back when I was a new driver, I was all about avoiding highways. What is with the anxiety over merging? Maybe you're right about google maps being spotty in certain areas?

MichaelJ said...

The only problem with merging are the people who a) slow down on the ramp instead of matching speed with the highway, and 2) don't yield on the way into rotaries. It does take a few years of driving experience to no longer fear these poor drivers. :)