Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dieting, Getting Healthy, and Stuff

Sunday May 23, I started a new diet plan. Basically, I am taking what I liked from my last successful diet - calorie counting and a food journal - and I'm trying to add in other stuff. I used this detox kit for the first week:
There wasn't any fasting or creepy caffeine pills involved. Overall it was a fairly mild cleanse that definitely helped with belly bloat. This week I am taking the probiotic pills. I am definitely losing weight because clothes are fitting better.

I also found a new therapist who I am really happy with. We're working on getting healthy and the unemployment situation. Health-plans have so totally changed in the past 3 years regarding behavioral health! Last time I had a therapist, I had to deal with a lot of authorization codes and payment headaches. Now? I can just go to a therapist who is in my network for 12 session per calendar year. No referral or authorization headaches. Thank God! Fewer hurdles seeking help is a good thing.

The reason why I have picked now to reign in my binge eating? #1 I saw a picture of myself in a bathing suit and #2 I don't have a Thyroid problem but I am vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that helps bones absorb calcium and a deficiency can be linked to obesity. So, yeah when health problems crop up due to weight, it's time to lose some pounds!

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