Friday, August 06, 2010

Got a Job!

The job has been in the works for a couple days through a staffing agency. I was starting to get resigned that I wouldn't get it until I got the call this morning. I start Monday and my commute is 15 minutes. It's a temp to perm position and my first day will be like a working interview. The company is really solid in terms of growth and culture. I was pleased to see that 1/3 of their Executive Team are women. Woohoo having role models/mentors! Nothing turns me off about a company more than an Executive Team full of old white guys.

I am really happy that I splurged on Tuesday by getting a mani/pedi. Hands and feet. I look forward to further splurging now that I will not be on the edge of poverty! I'm thinking a massage should be next. After that, a facial.

This afternoon I had to run downtown to fill out new hire paperwork. Fun fact, expired passports can't be used for I-9s. Guess what I'm doing at the post office tomorrow? Also tomorrow, I am going to hit Talbots outlet hard because a first day back to work requires a fab ensemble. I also have to get my sleeping habits back to working norm this weekend. I will also pick up some Seadog blueberry beer for celebration.

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