Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Farewell Employment

The temp to perm job I started back on August 9, has ended. How did I find out that I wasn't going to be hired permanently? I got a voice-mail tonight at 7:00PM telling me that today is my last day and don't go into work tomorrow. Thankfully, I was able to reach my staffing rep who has no idea why my assignment has been cut short so quickly. I should hear some feedback tomorrow hopefully.

Of course, I am convinced that I somehow screwed up something that made them sour on me. And yet I have heard nothing but positive feedback over the past 5 weeks so another part of me is hoping my non-conversion is due to budget issues. If my co-worker knew, he was a pretty good actor. Before we left today, we listed out what had to be worked on tomorrow for each other.

So, is it still bad out there? I've heard some positive employment news trickle into my employed bubble. Needless to say, this turn of events puts a crimp in my baby plans. But on the up side, more time for therapy! Awesome.

P.S. Due to my awesome personal finance skills I don't have to worry about rent for next month. Go me!

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