Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I Can Have a Baby!

Pregnancy and having a baby was a big question mark for the past couple of months since I researched artificial insemination and found out that it has an enormous stroke risk due to all the hormones required. Which made me think and research which lead to a second not so great discovery - pregnancy alone is a stroke risk. Basically hormones aren't your friend if you have clotting or stroke risk. Disheartened, I started shelving that aspect of my 5 year plan.

Monday, I had an annual appointment with a new OB GYN. She told me that I can be pregnant but I would have to be on a blood thinner called Lovenox since I have high stroke risk. Also, for fertilization, I could try IUI which requires no hormones. It's basically squirting sperm in my uterus at the correct time. She also approved of my 5 year plan but did mention that sooner would be better than later. Also as a side note, I found out the best birth control with my risk factors is Mirena. It only uses progesterone.

This past week I have been going baby crazy. Luckily Excel exists for crazy planners and list makers. I've mapped out an accelerated timeline and a slow timeline with weight loss and financial assumptions. So, it looks like I could be pregnant sometime between 2012 and 2013 if my assumptions hold. I also picked 3 names for each gender. Right now, I'd like to be surprised by the gender but who knows how I'll feel later? I'd prefer a boy because they are easier (in theory and stereotypically). I'm also not really on board with the whole pink and blue color themes so I'm thinking of going more toward yellows and greens (maybe aqua too).

Last night, I had fun making a baby registry just to see what's out there. I am simply in love with this and I will use it as a basis for picking other textiles. I am a sucker for a fun colorful pattern. As of now my registry is a little over $1100.

I will also have to move to a better place. My apartment is awesome for a single person but for a pregnant lady or baby? I don't think so! I'm researching renting a house with two bedrooms. I'd like to have a yard when I have a kid. I'd like to stay in Quincy for three reasons: 1. I like the city 2. I have a bunch of family in the area and 3. It is considered one of the best places to raise your kids.

Finally, I am a November Sagittarius (but a cusp so a hint of Scorpio), my mom is a Gemini (with a cuspy side of Taurus), dad is a Cancer, and my brother is a Virgo. Do I really want to be heavily pregnant in the sweltering summer months? Probably not so I'd like to try for a May/June baby. October would be doable on the other side of the calendar. I love me some Libras and Geminis. But I can't pick too much when IUI will take but I can always plan/hope for the first try to work!

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