Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pending Holiday

I am not going to bother responding to yet another smear campaign against UMass. Oh yeah, I was pretty pissed off this weekend but I have accepted the fact that Tracy Jan is a hack so I’m feeling better (and am looking forward to another full-page rebuttal from my fellow illustrious alums).

Last Friday morning things got off to a rocky beginning. My car wouldn’t start. Nothing turned on and there was no noise of even attempting to turn on. Luckily, I am within walking distance to a T station and the weather wasn’t too bad. Of course my commute into work was riddled with worrying about car repairs and trying to figure out what had gone wrong. My guess was my battery just died. I had been given a warning back in 2008 that my battery was on shaky ground so if it was the battery, at least I was able to eek out another couple of years of life!

When I got to work, I just remembered that I hadn’t renewed my AAA membership yet – thank goodness for the internet! Since the day had warmed up considerably, I decided to try starting my car again when I got home. Nothing happened. It was already pitch dark and I had no plans that night, I decided to call AAA Saturday morning. Having that plan helped alleviate some worry and let me relax that night. Saturday morning arrived and AAA came really quickly after I called in. I was correct that it was my battery and I had a really nice service guy helping me out. The sun was out and it wasn’t too cold so I realized how lucky I was. What better way to have a dead battery than parked at home in good weather?

Saturday night I attended a fabulous holiday party hosted by Miss Sarah ate a lot of delicious rich food and drank a ton of wine. Needless to say, Sunday was hangover central which entailed one run to Dunkin Donuts and watching Walking Dead/Stargate SG-1 on my sofa. An aside, Walking Dead has an awesome storyline and kept me riveted but some of the dialogue/acting was painfully awful. Stargate totally sucks but I decided to try to catch up on the series since it’s on Netflix streaming. I like the mythology and male eye candy. I only have two episodes left in season 10 and then the TV movies. Should I bother with Stargate Atlantis or Universe? Sunday night I wanted to murder my downstairs neighbor with a machete. He loves to blast bass-heavy music in his room which is under my bedroom. I had to talk to him last month since he was blasting this music until 2:00 AM on a work night. He promised the dance parties would move to his girlfriend’s place. Sunday night there was another dance party downstairs as I was trying to get to sleep. Pictures on my wall were rattling and I couldn’t get to sleep for hours.

Yesterday morning, I locked my keys in my car at North Quincy station. I am blaming lack of sleep due to my neighbor and/or general holiday distraction. Since the forecast said that we were only supposed to get a dusting throughout the day, I decided that waiting to call AAA when I got back in the evening would be best. Guess what? We didn’t get a dusting and I only had a winter cap, no scarf or gloves. I submitted my assistance request late at work thinking that by the time I got to Quincy, the lockout help would be at the station. What actually happened is that while I was waiting at South Station, I got the call that the lockout guy was at my car. 20 minute response time! Holy crap! When I got to North Quincy station and called again, I was told the wait would be 2 – 3 hours. Crap again! I camped out inside the station playing games on my cell. Lo and behold, it only took AAA 35 minutes to rescue me! Again, I was really lucky this time around – I had shelter from the snowstorm and no pressing appointments.

I’m all done with my holiday shopping and have one gift left to wrap. Plus, I have Friday off from work. Wednesday night I am seeing this guy.

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