Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why I Am Voting for Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren

I am 35 year old female with her masters, who grew up middle class, and hasn't had a full-time job with benefits for three years (and two years before that).  

I am aware of who got us into the economic mess.  No, not Bush, not Clinton nor President Obama.  It was banks, deregulation, and unmitigated greed.  I agreed with the $700 billion bailout because the alternative was complete market collapse.  It's unfortunate that due to the aforementioned problems of greed and lack of regulation, that some banks misused that bailout.  I have many gay and lesbian friends.  Their life doesn't threaten mine or take away any value from the U.S. so I am vehemently against DOMA and Don't Ask Don't Tell.  Plus, I am very proud of Massachusetts for legalizing gay marriage.  I am pro-union but I can see how auto unions almost killed Detroit.  I'm pro-union as far as protecting workers rights, but sweetening salaries and pensions is a racket I can't support.  Both my parents are educators so I greatly respect the President's accomplishments in that area such as funding dropout intervention programs.  As a woman, I am concerned with access to low cost birth control and preventive care and equal pay for equal work. I support Obamacare because I believe the Massachusetts healthcare model should be available nationwide. I am acutely aware of being spoiled with medical riches living in this state.  I knew a woman from Georgia who was put on a medication that caused a stroke right after she gave birth.  She was found hours later on the floor of her laundry room.  Now she can't hold her daughter.  That is the kind of sketchy medical care available beyond MA!

I admire Elizabeth Warren's work during the financial crisis her focus on oversight and educating consumers was a practical educated approach rather than fingering pointing and trying to get hers.  Her work on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has had a tremendously positive impact on my life.  Meanwhile Scott Brown has voted against middle class tax cuts, increasing taxes on high income individuals, and penalizing employers who pay unfairly for the same job due to gender.  He also doesn't want genetically modified foods labeled.  He doesn't believe in  any "more" regulations on financial markets.  He also believes that we are being too hard on oil companies which is raising gas prices.  He co-sponsored the Blunt Amendment.So, as an educated female who is barely clinging onto middle class, who do I believe will have my best interests at heart?  Also, who do I believe is aware of the everyday issues I struggle with?  Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren.  If you don't want a repeat of 2007 - 2008, they will steer us clear.


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