Sunday, March 31, 2013

The New Job

Technically, it's not a new job anymore since I have been on the job for over two months and I'm not the newest hire anymore!

Overall, everything is going well.  I am still on the learning curve and my boss has been very supportive about my learning needs.  I work in a large department with sub-groups.  In my sub-group. there are two other guys who are co-workers, our boss, and another girl who started a couple weeks ago. One of the guys is a horrible trainer, the other is really good.  The bad one stands behind you and says, "Nope!" every time you do anything wrong.  Not exactly conducive to learning, no?  He is more task orientated and doesn't care why or how certain jobs fit into the big picture.  The good trainer gives you background on what you're doing and why you need to do it.  And he answers questions clearly.

I have to say that full-time work has so changed since 2007 (my last real job)!  First off, the hours are absolutely insane and the expectations of output for the workload is staggering.  40 hour work week is a complete myth/joke of the past.  Yet companies pay that level of salary, if not less.  But on the up side, I have a nice block of vacation/sick time.  But time off leaves so much work, it's almost not worth taking vacation time.  Oh yeah, I don't have the July Fourth holiday.

The commute has gotten a lot better now that 93N has opened the fourth lane between the route 24 split and 95.  93 to 95 is so much better than 24 to 495.  24 seems to be a highway driven by mental patients.    What completely turned me off of 24 is the snow storm a couple weeks ago.  No plowing had been done and an entire lane dropped off around Bridgewater so I had a nice little spin-out.  Sayonara 24!

The people I work with are really nice, supportive, and easy to talk to.  My second week I went to the belated holiday party so I got to know a ton of people and have fun!

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