Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Welcome to the Flat Circle

28 days unemployed.  7 job rejections out of 97 job applications.  4 job interviews.  3 staffing agencies.

I had a second interview booked tomorrow morning for a job that felt like a great fit.  I had just pulled together my interview outfit and was prepping for the interview when I got an email saying that the position is no longer available.  That is manager speak that they gave the job to the CFO's nephew.

It is getting tough to keep positive lately.  I know it's really easy to buy into the idea that I have a huge kick me sign on my back for the universe's pleasure.  I've been playing with the idea of moving or completely opting out of the corpo-economic gang bang.  4 rounds of unemployment in 7 years does that to a person.

Now it feels like when I'm down, the hole has gotten a lot deeper.  What helped me snap out of it today was this board. There are people on there who are hurting a lot worse than I.  A couple are considering suicide.  I still have a roof over my head and options if I need to move.  I also have unemployment benefits until Jan. 2015.  My only dependents are two cats. So, reading about others suffering does help snap me out of self pity.

What got me up to a functioning human being was watching this and a bunch of his other interviews.  I'm still hoping that I'll have some kind of income when there's sunshine an it's 70 degrees out.

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