Friday, October 31, 2014

Whispering Eye: MA Health Connector

This is venting and I hope after writing this, I will feel better.

My new job does not provide health insurance for the first ninety days. MA Health Connector cancelled my individual purchased health insurance September 30. That didn't stop them from cashing my October premium payment. My health insurance was cancelled because my documentation for a qualifying event was incomplete. After a frantic phone call, I found out I should have submitted a particular letter stating my COBRA coverage was cancelled. It would have been really nice to have known that or any kind of instructions. I also requested a refund of my October premium.

I could submit a waiver application form to the OPP. Yes, I always giggled inside saying or hearing that because you know me. I submitted the 10 page document mid October. Meanwhile, a 1 month prescription refill of generics cost me $142.00. MA Health Connector still had my October premium money. Too bad. That could have helped pay for medication that helps me live.

Further into this Kafkaesque shitstorm, I got my waiver approved. So I called to see how I could get my health insurance back. Another paperwork submission requirement. 1 the letter they sent me saying they cancelled my insurance and 2 the letter they sent me the day before for my waiver approval. I guess MA Health does not keep records or own a photocopier. Benefit reinstatement paperwork was faxed over October 23.

Since I'm a shitstorm veteran, this week I called to check if they received my reinstatement paperwork and where was my October premium refund. This is the part where I wanted to be able to throttle someone over the phone. My refund request had not been submitted and it would take 60 to 90 days. They did not receive my reinstatement paperwork. Once the rage blackout subsided, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office. The same day I was put in touch with Healthcare For All. They are angels amongst us. They work to get people healthcare by being advocates and pulling strings at MA Health Connector. The next day, HCFA got my refund pushed up to a Nov. 15 disbursement. Getting my health insurance reinstated will be another battle. One month tax penalty thanks to MA Health Connector. 

I was a supporter of Obamacare but now I hate it. Open enrollment periods are horrible. The way it used to be was you could contact insurers directly and buy from them. MA Health Connector was just a site with a list of premium rates. Now, it's a call center full of "workers" who have no idea what they're doing. If you miss the open enrollment, you can expect the above and I really hope you won't get sick or injured.

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