Saturday, March 05, 2016

Holy Crap Lots of News!

This past week has been insane. Friday, Super Boss was out sick and hooked up to IVs. I barely saw him most of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday he was shut up in his office working on a ton of deadline items and cancelling meetings with me over and over. I caught up with him for a bit Wednesday evening going over a report and I tried non-urgently asking him about what was going on. His response, "I can't tell you."
Thursday morning all of HR got a sudden meeting invitation from the big Human Resources head honcho - the one who reports to The Powers That Be. All the managers met ten minutes beforehand. So, of course, with my history, I was trying not to go to the "Oh shit. Lay-offs!" panic. I tried really, really hard but as we filed into the conference room, all the managers were standing against the far wall. The dread in the pit of my stomach grew so I took a deep breath and told my face not to react the whole meeting.
I didn't get laid off but our department director is being replaced. Super Boss' boss - someone who has worked in the department for almost 25 years. A guy who is really nice and also drove me nuts sometimes. Head Honcho warned us this is the first of future changes. Some corporate suit is replacing our department director. I call him Mandroid. The department director will stick around for a bit to help with the transition. In my head, I made up a wishful story that he wasn't being forced out and that it was mutual because I know he has been stressed and miserable lately. But he totally is being forced out by The Powers That Be that chose to scapegoat him for bullshit that isn't his fault.
Super Boss knew a day beforehand and he felt really bad. The department director swung by our offices in the afternoon to have a little chat. He is doing okay, pretty resigned to the fact. I pointed out that he could spent more time with his grandchildren, get his blood pressure down, and focus on his health. He smiled at me and said, "That's a way to look at it." I nodded joking pointing at myself, "Yeah, that's also delusional."
Super Boss and I finally had our long delayed meeting. He kept saying how awful he felt but he meant like he felt like he was going to puke. We agreed it was probably stress so I told him to suck on a mint to settle his stomach. He still was feeling awful and was trying to go home early but got bogged down with more work. I called him several times just to order him, "Go home!" Since he didnt and it was 5:30, I stood in his doorway and demanded what he was doing. He was pale sitting at his computer wrapped in his winter coat.
Prince Analyst has been fired. Super Boss was just officially wrapping that up. Apparently Prince Analyst had informed him that he would not be able to return to work until April. This guy only worked as an HR Analyst for two full months since November. I'm glad we officially have a vacancy now. But I said to Super Boss, "Holy shit, the day you've had! I would feel sick too..." He got weepy all over again about our director being booted. I offered to give him a ride home since I had chosen to drive to work Thursday. He pointed out that he could get me sick, I shrugged and said I have a strong immune system.
Friday I dragged myself to work even though I was sick. Worker Bee Analyst was out sick in addition to Super Boss being out. I got what I needed to get done and went home by noon. Super Boss texted me later that afternoon that he has a norovirus and low blood pressure. He was so dehydrated, he needed IVs. I think I dodged that bullet thanks to coming home early, sleeping, and hydrating.

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