Monday, July 16, 2007

An Entertaining Weekend

This weekend, I caught up on a couple movies on my TiVo.

The Devil Wears Prada - Very funny and lots of fun fashion to ogle. I also liked how situations and characters weren't always black and white. Sometimes you thought the heroine was a bitch and other times the villain broke your heart. I wonder what the gag reel would be like? Hopefully, people falling out of 6 inch heels. Speaking of, I'm not a fan of the heavy bang and tendril look Anne Hathaway was sporting. It's too anime for me.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend - I had no idea Uma could do comedy. This was sharply written, funny as hell and a couple surprise casting twists. Anna Faris can really sell comedy so she was great. Plus, the glorious Eddie Izzard has a major role, not as an Executive Transvestite, sadly. The movie was so funny as it started winding down, I got worried if the ending would be some lameass committee written nonsense. Luckily, it wasn't!

Scrub - since I have a video iPod now and I missed this past season of Scrubs, I am catching up. This weekend I saw the musical episode. I was dying laughing and I think my favorite songs are "Guy Love" and the poo song. Instant classic and I can't believe they only did it in a 30 minute format - Buffy took an hour.

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