Surrender in the Cofffee War

I spent about $35 on this coffeemaker a couple months ago and quickly figured out that it cannot make 10 cups of coffee, as advertised. Last night, I discovered it can't even make 4. So, I give up and will trash this lemon and get a new coffeemaker. There is something wrong with the drip mechanism. Water doesn't seep through the grinds, it just build up and overflows all over the machine. I've been drinking coffee swimming with grinds for too long!


Laurel said…
Too Funny! I recommend the $19 Mr. Coffee special. :-)

I just wanted to say hi -- always looking to connect with other survivors. I read you post about being 10 times more likely to abuse your own kids.

Those are the people who stay stuck in denial and believe the abuse was 'good for them' and is actually appropriate parenting. Just the fact that you recognize your experience as wrong and hurtful is enough to break the cycle.

Martial arts practice can actually be a great solution for potentially violent people. Read into adrenal stress response training. (bill kipp, fast defense, RMCAT, Peyton Quinn) I've spent some time with both of them and what they offer is unbeatable.

Stop in and say hello sometime.


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