Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Job Hunt aka Frustration Central

My plan has always been that once I got my MBA, I would look for a management job to utilize the skills I had learned. That is still my plan 2 months post-graduation. So far, I have applied to over 50 positions and had 3 interviews. Basically, I've received a lot of rejections.

Since my former college has a career center, I decided to turn to them for help last month. They have an online recruiting system that requires registration. The admin who handled my registration lost my application form, mis-spelt my name so she couldn't find me in the student database all within one week. That was the last I had heard from her until last Friday. A whole month had elapsed since my registration request and I was pissed. So I sent a strongly worded email to the entire career center. My main points were that I had waited a month for registration, this is not how to serve the student population and I might become one of the millionaire alumnae. I got a bunch of responses. First off the incompetent admin told me she sent me my log in info last month. So I tried to log in and nothing worked. It turned out she mis-spelt my name AGAIN! I guess she has never heard of cut&paste. Of course this mis-spelling realization occurred via email with no managers cc'ed. I got two pissy email responses from two CCD managers telling me basically that the admin did her job, to shut my yap, and don't email the center ever again. Nice, huh? Wow, when I get a call to support the endowment, I will have a couple things to say!

After all this dramarama, I logged in and found out that I am eligible to apply for maybe 3 jobs posted. Any position I was interested in was limited to the full-time student population. Now I understand why my fellow Evening students told me that the career center is useless.

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