Monday, August 13, 2007

The FIrst 24 Hours

I got Rasputin home yesterday at 4:30pm. He was yowling and meowing the entire ride home. Once I got him in my apartment, he did a leisurely circuit inspection of the place. I had set up a safe room but the breeder told me that I didn't need to do that since he would be lonely.

As you can see from the earlier pictures, he has found his perch behind my loveseat facing the street. In fact, he has been using the loveseat as his own personal bed. I tried sitting with him and petting him and he kept meowing until I got up. Yup, I learned my lesson. Yesterday he was initially pretty upset and most of his inspection was looking for his family. I felt a bizarre sense of pride when he chowed down on the food I bought him. So, I spent all this money on toys for him, jingle balls, catnip etc and what did he find the most fascinating thing to play with? A water bottle cap. If I tried to sit in another room, he would frantically meow until I called, "I'm here!' and he'd poke his head out from the next room and join me. He also has this bizarre habit of barreling the entire length of my apartment back and forth. I think he's enjoying the slipping on my hardwood floors.

Anxiously overseeing the first kitten of my own, wiped me out so I wound up heading to bed early. He joined me and was initially very meowy. He didn't like my comforter, he likes the very edge almost falling off so if I take a deep breath, he pitches off. At one point he tried sleep between my legs but he started playing with my feet so I put an end to that. All I know is that he was sleeping somewhere on the bed when I fell asleep.

I was woken up this morning at 5:30AM by him jumping on the bed with a yelp then followed by constant meowing. I tried to reason with him but, "Mommy's tired." didn't register. So, I wound up feeding him and tried to go back to sleep on the couch. He slept in the crook of my knees and after an hour he jumped on my pillow and meowed in my face. He is definitely a good alarm clock! We had the vet appointment this morning and he took his distemper shot like a pro. The shot has made him very sleepy all day and he winds up sleeping in weird places and positions. I'm online right now because he's sacked out in an armchair. He hates when I'm online (because God forbid that I pay attention to something other than him).

Today, probably due to the shot sleepiness, he has definitely been less meowy. So, I think he's settling fairly well. I can be in another room without him freaking out.

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