Thursday, August 16, 2007

Feline Tendencies

Today is day four of settling Rasputin in. I think he's doing pretty well. He has a morning routine and a couple favorite toys. His morning routine is at 5:30AM, circle my bed meowing. If I just groan and roll over, he jumps on my bed, climbs on my pillow and meows in my face. Sometimes he mixes things up by licking my nose or trying to knead my cheek. That's my cue to feed him but once fed I'm not allowed to go back to bed. He does allow me to nap on the couch basically because he wants to nap as well.

His two favorite toys are 1) a Trader Joes paper bag with dangling handles on its side and jingle balls inside and 2) a small empty kleenex box with jingle balls inside. Both toys were created by me.

Unfortunately he somehow rams his head inside the box and gets stuck. I'm widening the main opening and cutting a couple more "windows".

So far, we are co-sleeping and it works out pretty well. I got him to stop playing with my feet. The only major issue that I encountered the other night is that he accidentally stepped in his own poop and tracked it into my bed. That wasn't a pleasant discovery! I might take a couple night off from co-sleeping because I'm simply exhausted.

He's a very clean kitten and he loves rolling on his back. He loves it so much he has rolled off of the sofa and my bed a couple of times. It's fun to see the transition from the grinning satisfaction of laying on his back and the "Oh shit!" look and him disappearing over the side.

He needs to be entertained all day or he'll invent things to play with. So far, I'm allowing the blind pulls to be targets.

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