Friday, August 31, 2007

TV Show Love

I am completely hooked on AMC's Mad Men. Even though the protagonist, Don, is kind of a dick (my new insult thanks to the Monarch), he is a fascinating character. Why did he change his name from Dick Whitman? Or is it Wittmann? That is my prevailing theory - that's he's Jewish. I love how obviously flamboyant Salvatore is. I guess gaydar didn't exist until the 1970's? That explains Liza Minneli at least. I also love the Buffy/Firefly casting on the show. We have Connor and Our Mrs. Reynolds. Part of that casting is ingenious because I automatically assume Paul Campbell aka Connor is a sociopath and Joan is a con artist.

Beyond the pretty eye candy and excellent acting, I love the marketing pitches and the steno pool drama. It kind of addresses my MBA interests and my history of administrative work in a historical context. Speaking of history, I love the little details of the show.

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