Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rasputin Terror

Since I had a date last night, I didn't get home until late. Kitty was starved for attention. Lots of crazy racing around the apartment for hours on end which were only paused by panting and catching his breath. When he finally settled in my lap, he started attacking my water bottle. So I had fun trying to feed him water like a baby.

As I started the going to bed ritual, I knew that he was still keyed up. But I was pooped so denial was my friend. Last night, I found out that Rasputin has learned how to open doors. So, sleeping alone was out of the question. He allowed me 4 hours of sleep then the feet attacks and meowing started. I think I need to start investing in turkey foods around bedtime so I can knock him out naturally. I have followed 5/10 of these suggestions so I'm out of ideas. He better behave tonight because I have a job interview tomorrow morning!

His favorite toy now is a mini fork that came with a to-go salad. He also enjoys balls and coils but winds up losing them under the sofas. The catnip mice with leather tails are getting worked over too. I'm growing some cat grass for him that should be ready by next week.

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