Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Venture Brothers Love

A couple weeks ago, my brother recommended this cartoon to me by pitching the fact that Stephen Colbert did a voice on the show. So, I TiVoed a couple episodes and just about died laughing. The first thing I love is Patrick Warburton's Brock Samson. He has an awesome voice and the character is hilarious. Oddly enough, the actual Venture Brothers, Hank and Dean, aren't too interesting. It's the entire cast of characters, the funny spoofs, the bleeped out swearing, and blurred out nudity that makes the show. The Monarch is the best arch villain ever. I can't pick a favorite episode yet but the Lincoln's ghost one and the Scooby Doo rip-off (Venturestein - heh) had me screaming laughing. I can't wait for season 3! Here is an exchange that left me dying laughing:

Hank: And they kill clean! Don't let dames get in the way!
Brock: Honestly, Hank, where do you pick that stuff up? I never see you read!
Dean: It's weird, right?
Brock: It's like he channels dead crazy people!
Hank: Do you think it's a cry for help?

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