Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crazy Days

God, it has been nuts! Rasputin has had diarrhea for two mornings straight. I think I've figured out what is upsetting his stomach so hopefully that will help. At least I have learned not to get into my work clothes until he has taken his morning dump! He has a vet appointment tomorrow morning for a booster shot and check-up. I got my new cell phone and it is very cool. I'm still learning all the snazzy functions. Tae Kwon Do class went well but I had to have my ankle wrapped in ace bandage. After class, it was pretty sore anyways.

This morning I had a staffing firm interview that went really well and fast in Downtown Boston. They have already gotten me an interview for tomorrow afternoon! Tonight, I'm getting my hair done since most of my red hair dye has faded plus my hair is long enough for a blunt cut.

For Fall TV premiere week, I haven't been too impressed. Only 1 new show has hooked me, Chuck. The Heroes premiere was pretty meh. I did like Bones' premiere because I love season arcs and they set up a big bad serial killer. Journeyman stunk. I can't believe how bad Bionic Woman was last night! Maybe I went in with too high expectations but it was a chore watching it.

Hopefully, the job interview tomorrow will go well! Nothing much is planned for the weekend, thank God.

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