Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend of Sloth

and gluttony (damn you Trader Joes for inventing a mint chocolate cheesecake).

Friday, I had a job interview that I was horribly late to. I was given bad directions, traffic was awful and when I stopped to ask for directions I wound up asking a clueless temp. Luckily, my interviewer was okay with me being late. I still apologized profusely. I take being on time very seriously. When I was in marching band in college, we had a saying, "To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late and to be late is to be DEAD." There's no better way to drive that principle home than doing jumping jacks in front of 250 people.

I had a lot of TV watching to catch up on my TiVo. That's basically what I did all weekend, occasionally interrupted by playing with Rasputin. Luckily, he has been in a slothlike mood as well. If I'm lying on my side, he likes to fall asleep behind my knees. He perked up Sunday afternoon so I introduced him to my apartment's shared porch. He enjoyed the new sights and smells. I did freak him out when I decided to demonstrate how windows work. I went back to the living room and waved at him in the porch window. He meowed, I poked my head into the doorway and let him know that I was there. I love how cats can't comprehend windows. It's like they think it's a television and each window should have a different program. Here is what I watched during the weekend:

Grey's Anatomy (via internet) - the season premiere was okay but this show is no longer must-see tv to me. I'll check in occasionally. Oh yeah, Izzie and the deer -= metaphorical hell.

Private Practice (via internet) - I really liked the premiere! But I feel like they're tinkering with Addison too much. She wasn't so slapsticky on Greys. Tim Daly is in it too so I must watch this show. HAWT!

Doctor Who season 1 - Speaking of hot, Chris Eccleston makes an awesome doctor. Rose has her ups and downs, stupid in one episode, sweet in the next and heart-breaking in the other. I like how they explained the new doctor and he seems to be much lighter and mischevious. I can't wait to catch up on season 2!

The Devil's Advocate - such sweet cheese. Pacino as the devil, Keanu with a Southern accent, and Charlize playing her best crazy wife.

Twisted - I have a soft spot in my heart for Ashley Judd. I know this thriller got canned by the critics but I thought it was pretty good (if I ignore the ridiculous sexual morality anvils).

The Cat's Meow - Eddie Izzard as Charlie Chaplin is completely brilliant. Kirsten Dunst isn't too annoying and the rest of the cast is superb. If I made movies, I would set every one in the 1920's. Hell, I could save budget money on bras!

French Kiss - stupid, sappy nonsensical romance but KEVIN KLINE! With a French Accent and stubble! I actually liked the movie.

Sundry Law & Order episodes - God bless the USA network. I've realized that I watch so many forensic/crime dramas that they are bleeding into my reactions. Bones has me anally critiquing how different shows handle crime scenes.

Dexter - the season premiere was excellent. It had me laughing and gasping at my TV. Rasputin even looked alarmed at my reactions. This season looks like one of those stressing me out feeling anxious for the character ones. I hate when a character almost gets caught in a lie or a crime - it actually makes my heart race.

Meerkat Manor - damnit I cried and gave Rasputin a big hug.

I did manage to get out occasionally. One particular outing was especially frustrating. I needed to pick up photos at the local Walgreens. I was standing at an empty photo counter for about 5 minutes until I realized that none of the Walgreens workers around me would help if I didn't ask. So, I asked and they paged the photo person. I waited about 10 more minutes since nothing happened, I asked for another page. After an additional 10 minutes, the assistant manager tried to help me. She couldn't find my order and kept asking the same questions over and over. I told her, "Listen, I've been waiting for a half hour so nevermind." She tried calling after me but I was having none of it. Thank goodness for digital photos huh? It's not like they lost negatives. It was disturbing that an assistant manager has no idea how online photo order submissions work.

I also swung by Martys to restock my booze. I have a ton of red wines but I don't really drink that unless I have company or actually cook a nice meal. Whites are less stodgy so I picked up a couple bottles: Oyster Bay and Meridien. Plus, I saw that there's a He-brew brand of beer. I was sooo tempted to pick it up but wound up getting a Pumpkin Ale - which turns out to be not so great. I guess you can screw up Pumpkin Ale.

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