Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Good and the Bad

I've found out that Rasputin is one smart cookie the last couple of nights. Since it's so cold, I've left my bedroom door open in case he wants to warm up at night. Even with the door open, he waits to wake me up around 6AM. We don't even co-sleep. He gets bored of the snuggling and either sleeps at the foot of my bed or in another room. Basically, he is the perfect kitten for a working single gal like me!

Last night one of my chorus members decided to mention to me that her daughter is bipolar. Since she's just nine years old, I asked if it manifests like it does in adults. The chorus member explained that yes it does and her daughter held a knife over her wrist and threatened to bleed herself out. My internal reaction to that revelation was, "So? I did that when I was 6." then a beat and, "Oh yeah, I was completely fucked up as a kid." It was weird that something I actually did was spoken of in hushed tones and lead to a discussion of medication. Which also lead me to wonder what my life would have been like if I had been medicated as a child. I'm actually glad my depression didn't get treated until adulthood. I think I developed really strong coping mechanisms thanks to a childhood of untreated depression.

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